How to Get Net Neutrality and Internet Privacy Back In Lawrence

Obama in the Backseat Rally to Save the Internet

Late in 2017, the FCC made a major change as to how the internet works in the United States.  Instead of treating it like a utility, whereby you can’t discriminate based on usage, internet service providers (ISPs) now have the right to limit your usage or charge extra for some sites. They can also use your private information for marketing purposes.  There’s a fix though:  it’s our city commission.

Seattle is leading this charge.  They are using the same franchise authority that the City Of Lawrence has to create its standard.  The FCC gave local communities the authority, through franchise agreements, to enforce local rules.  Look at the back of your cable bill-it’s right there.

In Lawrence, the city doesn’t use this power very often.  They renew contracts without many questions of debate.  That’s a shame. We ultimately politicians to blame for slow or unreliable internet  Now we can add to that list privacy and accessibility.

I recommend contacting members of the Lawrence City Commission and let them know you want Lawrence ISPs to follow community standards rather than those set by the Federal Government.

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