Smart Locks and Safety

GOJI Smart Lock

One hot gift for the 2017 holiday season was internet-enabled locks, often referred to as Smart Locks.  I have these both in my home or office.  When I tell clients I have one, they often express security concerns.  They’re legitimate but easily minimized.

This blog post does a good job of explaining the security while this post is in my mind a bit alarmist. Security on a smart lock is just like security on any device.  Sure, there are risks, but the rewards usually outweigh them. What do I like best about our smart lock?  I never worry if I locked the door before I left the house.  I can check my locks remotely anytime I want.  That includes in the middle of the night when I’m in bed.

While you’ll need a locksmith to install one of these, we can help you secure it. That includes not just the lock, but making sure when your phone is stolen, someone can’t use your phone to get into your home.

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