Overselling Internet Service Now Illegal

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Well, at least in the UK.  Gotta leave it to those Brits for holding their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) accountable.

Last year, the regulatory authorities in the UK announced they’ll make sure that the speeds a company promotes are what the customer gets.  They’re always a little variation, but you can’t sell and advertise Jumbo speeds and just give average to slow speeds in return.

Those changes are in sharp contrast to US laws.  The FTC last year when it repealed Net Neutrality also reduces some of the accountability requirements for ISPs.  Here in Lawrence, we’re seeing clients all the time getting much less speed that they’re paying for.  It’s a shame and it’s not right.

If you’re not getting the speeds you think you should, give us a call.  We can run some independent speed test and help you hold your ISP accountable.  Short of that, you can always move to the UK.  I hear London is lovely this time of year.

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