Have a Landline; You’re in the Minority!

Image from page 206 of Bell telephone magazine 1922

Back in 2016, we crossed a major threshold in technology.  A majority of US Households use mobile phones and don’t have landlines. It makes sense as mobile phones become a necessity.  Why use a phone that ties you to one location?

If you still have a landline, there’s probably a few reasons.  First, you might be concerned about your phone number.  Everyone has it, so if you got rid of it, you’d lose contact with people. That was my first worry too.  Fortunately, mobile providers make it easy to “port” a number.  I walked into my AT&T store and five minutes later my landline was now a mobile phone.  It’s a ton cheaper than my landline.  Best of all, all the calls get forwarded to my mobile phone, so I can get calls from both numbers.  Yeah.

Another reason might be faxing.  No worries here.  Online faxing is often free through websites or even iPhone and Android apps.  It’s still way cheaper than your landline.  Newer multifunction printer/scanners support internet faxing as well.

Finally, it’s about the comfort level.  People perceive landlines as more reliable.  Back in the day, they were.  Now, most voice calls travel on internet lines anyways.  All the outages we’ve had with Midco in Lawrence is because of that.  We see the same issues with AT&T customers.  When the internet goes out the phones go out, and vice versa.  The two are linked together.

If you need help making the switch, give us a call. We’ve helped lots of clients with it.

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