Interesting Idea for an Old Computer

A Computer TreeWhen you get a new computer, you might wonder what to do with the old one, especially if it works.  We work with Connecting For Good in Kansas City to help refurbish and distribute these computers to needy families.  However, there are some other uses.

My colleagues at Lifehacker had some interesting ideas.  The one I like best is the “guest computer.”  When people come over and need to just check email or print a boarding pass, why not have them use that spare computer.  After all, hotels have those kinda resources.  Just be sure to use it every so often to check to make sure it works and gets security updates.

When it’s finally ready to go out to pasture, don’t just throw it in the trash. Give us a call.  Even if it doesn’t work, we can still get it ethically and responsibly recycled.  We’ll make sure your private data is erased and the computer ends up in good hands.

Photo by mikecogh

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